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What’s the idea of the AVIF and for whom?

The AVIF is open to professional or very committed, experienced vocal improv singers—those who are intensively involved with vocal improv, who are currently investing in learning, who are interested in imparting vocal improvisation skills or already do so and who want to actively contribute and exchange their experiences. We meet at different locations, so far in Southern Germany and Switzerland, where hosts organise since 2016 a space and time for practice.


What is close to our hearts:
Participants come to the AVIF with an attitude of curiosity and openness. We know how to listen carefully and share the leadership intuitively. We take turns bringing in exercise ideas and improvisation forms, and we try out new and unpolished things together. We are interested in odd meters, polyrhythms, different scales and harmonies, and we already have some skill in this area. We learn from and with each other to deepen our skills in the areas of improvisation, leadership and stage performance. In addition to practicing music, we take time for reflection and talk about what we perceive and learn, and we give each other constructive feedback.


The hosts of the respective location arrange the meetings with different formats.

Advanced Vocal Impro Forum AVIF:
  • Artists-Forum, for professional or experienced vocal impro singers
  • Teachers-Forum, for professional or experienced vocal impro singers*, who are themselves in leading positions and appreciate a deeper reflection 
Vocal Impro Forum VIF:
  • Circle Songs to sing along, AVIF participants lead through the evening, open for all voices
  • Improvised concert with audience interaction, AVIF participants create the evening, open for all voices
  • Workshop, experienced AVIF participants share their know-how and passion, open to all voices
Further formats will be created.


Whether you are qualified to participate, we entrust to your self-assessment.
If you are unsure whether you have the described skills for AVIF, please contact us. We will find out together. 

Expense compensation

Expenses for organisation, room rent and any other expenses that may be incurred shall be borne by the participants. How much you should contribute to the soup pot to make the bill pay is recommended by the hosts at the event. How much you really put into the pot is up to you, based on appreciation and possibilities. 
The AVIF is based on EXCHANGE.  There are therefore no management fees. VIF formats, which are created by AVIF participants, can generate line fees.
The AVIF donates the surplus of an event to organizations that realize projects in the musical field. The hosts decide which organization they want to give as a gift.


See German page.


See German page.

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